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              What Types of Artificial Turf?

              What Types of Artificial Turf?

              Artificial turf is divided into filler particles artificial turf, not filling sand artificial turf and natural – artificial mixed turf.
              First, the filler particles artificial turf, it has international advanced level and good usability, so it is accepted by the majority of users. Its material is polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) polymer. Its motion characteristics is very close with natural turf, can be used all year round, all-weather, this artificial lawn is particularly suitable for outdoors.
              Second, not filling sand artificial turf, it resembles natural grass on the appearance, partly with a layer shock-absorbing foam cushion. This type of artificial turf be sure to use artificial turf special machinery during installation, it can be laid in the stadium.
              Third, the natural – artificial mixed turf, the natural grass and artificial turf together is not a dream, now already have such a mixed lawn, this lawn used natural grass, reinforce grass root structure with plastic. In this way, user-friendly features of natural turf made a good combination with superior durability of artificial turf.What Types of Artificial Turf?

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