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              Landscape artificial turf

              Landscape artificial turf

              At present, artificial turf for landscape is widely used. It can be used in the greening of residential quarters, roof greening, garden greening, road greening, balcony greening, courtyard greening, villa greening, amusement park greening

              Greening of residential quarters

              Community greening is not only the need for ecological environment construction, but also the need for the construction of a civilized and healthy city.

              Roof greening

              Some precautions for roof greening are that the green roof of the lawn must be within the load bearing capacity of the building roof. If the load is not up to standard, then it will violate the principles of architecture; then the roof drainage and wind direction need to be considered.

              Garden greening

              Garden greening is a leisure place for people to return to nature. The artificial lawn of frengrass garden landscape will decorate the earth!

              Road greening

              No matter whether it is on the highway or ordinary roads, there are foundations for which it is difficult to plant natural turf, and artificial turf does not have any growth environment requirements, and can be paved on any road.

              Balcony greening

              Balcony green lawn, heat insulation and sound absorption. Artificial turf is used for balcony garden design, eliminating the need for natural lawn greening soil and making the balcony cleaner and more hygienic.

              Courtyard greening

              Trees are not suitable for courtyard?greening because of fallen leaves and shading. Frengrass artificial turf, with artificial grass effect, no need to take care of, long service life, is a better choice for courtyard greening design.

              Villa greening

              Villa green lawn?is tough and soft, high grass density, and other parameters for villa green lawn can be customized according to customer needs; frengrass green lawn has the same touch and visual effects as real grass.

              Amusement park greening

              ?The lawn laid in the amusement park site can beautify the environment of the amusement park site on the one hand, and has a protective effect on the other.

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