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              Introduce artificial turf


              Football?Artificial turf

              In the early stage of development, artificial turf was far inferior to natural turf in terms of sports characteristics. The actual demand has led to the continuous improvement of the scientific and technological content of artificial turf products and the rapid replacement. Today’s artificial turf uses PP?and PE?as the main material .

              Landscape Artificial turf

              In addition to various sports fields that are widely used, artificial turf has expanded into the field of landscape?in recent years. Artificial turf in kindergartens, various greening landscapes, or the use of carpets. Broad application space.

              After useing artificial turf, in some places in the world where the growth conditions of natural turf such as cold and hot are not good, there is also a hint of green, and the contribution of artificial turf to global water resources is huge, and it does not require excessive water resources maintenance.

              The artificial turf produced by Frengrass is made of PPE modified materials produced by scientific processing using modern bionic technology. It has high temperature resistance, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance, ultraviolet resistance, antistatic flame retardant and other characteristics. It has been used in the desert for more than 15 years, and the four seasons are evergreen. It can also be used in green belts on both sides of railways and highways, which can promote the prevention of large-scale evaporation of urban groundwater.

              In the future, artificial turf will be durable, soft and comfortable, recyclable and recyclable, and the prospects for the development of the artificial turf industry will be even better.


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