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              Frengrass New Products-Release Cooling Artificial Turf

              Frengrass New Products-Release Cooling Artificial Turf

              Years, is widely used in artificial turf soccer field, tennis courts, golf courses and various other leisure venues. In the hot summer season, the artificial turf surface temperature is much higher than natural grass, high temperatures not only cause discomfort to the psychological effects of the athletes, but also increase sports injuries, athletes from the normal level of play, so the development of Cool artificial turf has practical value. This article infrared reflective material used in artificial turf grass silk and filler material, the influence of the anti-IR material type and amount of the cooling effect, while the effect of organic material modification of the anti-IR and anti-infrared materials iron red coating technology, as well as modification of the regulation of performance cool artificial turf.


              First systematic study of the infrared reflective material in the cooling effect of functional masterbatch and Turf System. The results showed that: Functional masterbatch and the cooling effect of the pile system increased with anti-infrared powder content is enhanced, and the cooling effect is closely related to the reflectivity; zinc oxide (ZnO) and far infrared ceramic powder (FCP) group function mother maximum temperature drop grains were 15.9 ℃, 14.2 ℃; when ZnO, FCP content is 25wt%, the temperature drop their grass wire system were 7.0 ℃, 8.4 ℃.


              Secondly, effects of ZnO organically modified its application in the pile system. The results showed that: modifier in an amount of 2wt%, pH value 6.5,80 ℃ for 4h, the best modification effect; modified and unmodified ZnO-based wire grass system reflectivity and cooling effect unchanged, but modified powder and the substrate significantly enhanced compatibility between the resin particles dispersed in a resin more evenly. Followed by homogeneous precipitation of ZnO pigment having reflection function / Fe2O3 legal system to investigate the heterogeneous nucleation process conditions and composite powders cooling effect. The results showed that: 85 ℃ for 12h when ZnO coated core-shell structure is formed on the surface of Fe203; ZnO powder coated Fe203 can increase the reflectivity, Zn2 + concentration was 58mmol / L, the reflection rate before powder coated Fe203 25.3 % increase to 55.2%.


              Finally, the study of artificial turf cool cooling effect in the real world and laboratory simulation environment and analyzed the impact of anti-infrared powder on the mechanical properties of fiber grass silk. The results showed that: Lawn system model temperature between the ground and the air temperature; when the anti-infrared powder content of 25wt%, the air temperature close to the temperature model; function lawn filler temperature is lower than ordinary lawn filler; ZnO can be organically modified significantly enhance the mechanical properties of silk fiber grass, when powder content of 25wt%, the tensile strength and elongation at break modified grass silk fibers increase 12.3% and 42.3%, respectively.

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